How many of these world instruments do you know?
There are 10 questions featuring instruments which will appear in the Rafiki Jazz concert on Saturday 18 November.
What name is given to end-blown flutes native to Persia and Egypt?

What is the Ney flute traditionally made of?

What is this single stringed instrument called?

How many strings does the lute-shaped Oud typically have? (the answer isn't 12 like in this photo)

Where do steel pans originate from?

Where is tabla traditionally played?

This is a tanpura. It is a long-necked, plucked stringed instrument. What sort of sound does it make?

This is a Kora, a West-African 21-stringed, lute-bridged harp. What is it made of?

Which one of these tunings is generally used on a violin in Indian music?

Which of these instruments is traditionally played with one hand and a stick?

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Your prize is the knowledge that you probably know the most obscure facts out of anyone in the room. Especially if you're alone. Then you definitely do.
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Pretty good, that's {{var_score}}/10 answers right!
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On the plus side, that probably means you don't spend too much time learning obscure facts just so you can be good at trivia quizzes ;)
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